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We have created a tool where all contractors have a platform to share their experiences after being at a job site.

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Online information

The information is displayed in real time so that the contractor is always updated on the reputation of a property.

Protect your investment

Know the experiences of other contractors with a certain property, which can avoid headaches and save you a lot of money.

Evaluate your clients

The system allows you to enter comments and reviews on the properties, which can be viewed by other contractors.

Free Updates

Our free auto updates gives you access to the latest features and improves app security and stability. Try for FREE!

Bringing change to the Contractor community.

Whether you are a general contractor, owner of a small or large business in landscaping, plumbing, roofing, interior painter, etc. You have the knowledge to help other contractors by giving your review and insight as a part of the community.

How to sign up

Our process is very simple, just three steps.


Create an Account

Tell us about your line of work and describe your company


Check or Upload

Check the quality of your future job sites or upload any previous encounters.


Grow your business

Working with compatible job sites has never been easier.

Modern Technology

The application can be used on any device with internet access, regardless of the operating system or the size of the screen.

A practical, fast and effective solution.

Everything you need in an application

Queries, reports, comments, qualifications and much more from a single application, from anywhere in the world.

With a modern and friendly design that facilitates its use in any situation.

Available in iOS 10 and Android 9 or later
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The Contractor’s Scout

By Mario Reyes Correa.

A Bilingual podcast for contractors where the pros share their business expertise. Presented by Property Reputation |

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to help you to respond your questions quickly and appropriately.

Who is the Property Reputation app for?

The property reputation app is designed for home contractors and business owners who provide services in homes or commercial premises. So, if you are a gardener, electrician, painter, builder, or plumber, you need this APP to share your experience with clients and get authentic information about the property you want to work on.

How often should I pay for the subscription?

Its totally free!

Does the app moderate comments and rating on the platform?

Every activity of our users on the platform is moderated. we review every comment and rating posted by our users before making public on the platform. The essence of this is to correct grammatical mistakes and prevent the use of abusive words.

Does the app works on all devices?

Sure! The app works perfectly on any device that can access the internet and web browser. So, there’s no limitation when it comes to using the Property Reputation app. It works on computers, tablets, android phones, and iPhones.

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