3 Things You Must Know About Unemployment Insurance In New Jersey

Life can often be disappointing, especially if one is unemployed or just got fired from a dream job. The thought of you not being able to keep up with your family or personal bills can send some cold chills down your spine. 

But here comes the good news, do you know you can still get some funds to sustain your lifestyle pending the time you find another job?

 Read on to find out all you need to know about Unemployment insurance and how to secure the fund in New Jersey.

What is Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance, also known as unemployment benefit, is a weekly alleviation package given by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to the unemployed or out of job (though for a justifiable reason) New jerseyans.

 It is no news that the coronavirus caused and still causing a lot of damage. For instance, before the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, only 3.7% of New Jerseyans were unemployed. But the recent update on the US. Bureau of Labor website shows that 7.9% of New Jerseyans are out of work for various reasons.

At this juncture, I need to tell you that not every dick, tom and harry is eligible to access the fund; you need to meet some requirements, some of which are:

  • Your earning record must meet the minimum earning threshold set by the state
  • You must be on the look for a job, i.e., you are actively trying to secure a job
  • Your reason for being unemployed must not be as a result of your misdeed (criminal record, or you leaving your former job place due to an ingenuine reason).
  • You must have either worked in new Jersey for a period of at least 18months


What documents or Information Do You Need for the Application?

  • Your Social Security Number
  • If you are not a citizen of the US, you need to submit your alien registration number
  • An updated New jersey driver’s license (only for NJ drivers)
  • Your bank details and routing contact
  • Recall date (That only implies if your company is planning to call you back)
  • Your former employer(s) name, work address, phone number, occupation, and the period in which you worked with him or her

How to File for Unemployment benefit in NJ

  • Set up an online account with the department (here is a video guide)
  • File for unemployment claim 
  • Check your mail regularly
  • Ensure you keep searching for a job, you might be asked to submit a proof
  • Update your weekly certification (you must keep updating the department about your employment status.
  • Keep following other critical processes stated on the website

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