Our experience at your service.

We try to minimize the inconveniences with your clients before accepting the project.


Property Reputation LLC is a company that was born in the State of New Jersey in the United States of America based on the need of contractors to have a tool that helps them to know their clients beforehand which is a enormous advantage in certain circumstances avoiding headaches when charging for services and allowing them to focus only on what really interests them … provide a quality service to who really deserves it.


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We feel obliged to provide a solution to the community,to protect workers and honest companies that are often scammed by not receiving payments after providing their services. We have made it our mission to reduce this type of inconvenience that occurs in our community on a daily basis.


From this vision, we made an effort to create this application and present ourselves to the community, as a solution to the problems experienced in the provision of services to homes or business premises. We hope to reach the largest number of contractors in the country, to create a support network, where each user contributes with a grain of sand with their experiences and receives the benefits of knowing many other users.