Demand for construction workers increase in the United States of America

The resultant effects of the pandemic are hitting the U.S. economy hard. During the pandemic, many people left their residential areas to a place where the pandemic didn’t have much impact and consequentially left their jobs.

What are the challenges?

The major challenge facing the construction industry in America, especially after the pandemic, is the shortage of workers. This is not because these workers are undervalued, as payment is not a challenge for employers.

A further challenge faced by the construction agency is the lack of proper lessons on vocational jobs such as carpentry. Some school curriculums give little or no attention to training pupils and students in this field.

In addition, the increase in the number of aged people in the country is a limitation. At a certain age, people cannot be employed in the construction industry as they cannot meet the retirements and demands of the field.

How deep is the cut?

This worrisome situation is eating deep into various sectors of the economy. This catastrophic situation is not peculiar to the construction agency.

 In fact, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, businesses such as restaurants and hotels have to almost double their average hourly rate to ensure they are not short of workers.

The Bureau further predicted that the construction companies would need to employ 430,000 workers this year and over a million over the next two years, isn’t that worrying!

The construction industry initially had few workers, but in recent times, those few ones have further decreased, thereby putting business owners at the receiving end.

How hot is the seat for construction business owners?

Business owners are ready to pay as much as required to get qualified people to work with them. In fact, some construction company owners had to increase the wages they offer their workers by over 40 percent before they could even see an expression of interest in the job openings.

 Business owners such as Mathew Messer, the owner of New York Solar Maintenance, are not finding it easy to deal with this shortage. He now has to work seven days a week alongside their lead technician because they can’t find anyone to hire.

Also, Schimenti Construction owner Mathew Schimenti ‘s industry has a score of job openings from the entry-level up to the technician position with little or no workers responding to it. In fact, they have to employ the services of an internal recruiter to search out appropriate hands for the positions.

However, the Bureau of Labour Statistics, in an attempt to offer skill acquisition platforms to employees so as to retain them, put in over a billion dollars last year. As a matter of fact, the workers have the opportunity to earn as they learn.

In conclusion, If the number of workers does not commensurate to the demand, the search for technology to take up job positions will be in high demand.

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