6 Tips to protect the environment

Environmental protection is any activity that helps to protect the land, air, and water from pollutants. Every environmental protection campaign is tailored towards reducing the amount of polluting substances on the earth.

If you are wondering how you can better protect your environment, here are tips to help protect our environment;

#1. Buy reusable water bottles

Do you know that buying reusable water is one of the easiest ways to protect the environment? Well, let me explain.

A recent report by the Container Recycling Institute shows that people throw away about 60 million plastic water bottles every day. Yes, you read it correctly, not a typographical error.

Sadly, some of these plastic water bottles may not get recycled. They may end up in landfills or as litters in waterways and public spaces.

However, instead of buying plastic water bottles to be littered around, you can get a reusable one and always carry it with you. This action doesn’t only protect the environment but also save you cash in the process.

#2. Eat less meat

You may be wondering how eating less meat helps to protect the environment. Well, most people don’t know that meat consumption has more impact on the environment than most other human activities.

Recent studies revealed that American-born factory farming gets a lot of criticism due to its overuse of antibiotics and the emission of pollutants in the air and water in the vicinity. And these two have a serious negative impact on the environment.

But if you buy less or quit buying meat, you are indirectly voting against a practice that you see as not eco-friendly.

#3. Promote energy savings and energy efficiency

Another good way to protect the environment is to promote energy savings and efficiency. According to several studies on energy consumption in the United States, Americans waste about 50% of the energy the pipe into their home and workspace.

While some of these wastes are due to overuse, others are due to unused gadgets that are remained plugged at all time. So, try to unplug all electrical appliances that aren’t in use. This will help to waste less energy and promotes energy saving.

#4. If possible reuse or repurpose everything

If you are genuinely interested in protecting the environment, try to buy less and develop the habit of reusing or repurposing some of your old stuff. You can apply this to home decor, your wardrobe, etc.

#5. Plant trees and other native species

Planting of tree benefits the environment in many ways. Trees help to prevent forest fire and absorb about 30% of the world pollutant emissions. So, if you have the opportunity, plant a tree, it will go a long way to protect the environment.

#6. Opt for less polluting forms of transports

Instead of always driving your car in a crowded city, you can use public transport. Interestingly, most people who passionate about protecting the environment or living a healthy lifestyle always move around big cities with bicycles. Trust me, the amount of pollutants cars and vans emit is alarming.

These are tips to protect the environment. Always remember that earth is our home, and we always have to keep it safe.

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