Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is The Property Reputation App For?

The property reputation app is designed for home contractors and business owners who provide services in homes or commercial premises. So, if you are a gardener, electrician, painter, builder, or plumber, you need this APP to share your experience with clients and get authentic information about the property you want to work on.

How often should I pay for the subscription?

Its totally free!

Does the App Moderate Comments and Rating on the Platform?

Every activity of our users on the platform is moderated. We reviewed every comment and rating posted by our users before making public on the platform. The essence of this is to correct grammatical mistakes and prevent the use of abusive words.

Does The App Works on All Devices?

Sure! The App works perfectly on any device that can access the internet and web browser. So, there’s no limitation when it comes to using the Property Reputation App. It works on computers, tablets, android phones, and iPhones.

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