Happy Employees Work Better

Generally speaking, there are many factors which contribute to the satisfaction of employees on their job, but when it comes to the construction industry, a number of these factors stand out specifically. 

Construction workers are part of an ever-evolving industry, and research has shown that an encouraging paycheck or safe work environment may foster happiness in employees, but are not enough to guarantee the happiness of construction workers. 

Most importantly, construction workers who are happy with their job generally put in the best work. They interact better with colleagues and managers and are more likely to work better than others who are less happier. 

While there could be other non-work-related factors that could influence the happiness of an employee, such as personal issues, the productivity of these employees is largely dependent on how satisfied they are on their job. 

Why construction workers are the happiest?

Flexible work schedule, and an opportunity to get promoted and earn higher pay. 

According to a 2018 survey conducted by U.S. News, the median salary of a construction worker is $35,800 annually, and they featured at #11 in the best construction jobs. That is an excellent career to pursue. 

Although the stress level of construction jobs are a bit high, construction workers naturally remain happy on their jobs as they enjoy a great work-life balance, flexible work schedule, and an opportunity to get promoted and earn higher pay. 

The opportunity for growth available to a construction worker is vast, ranging from being a general handyman on worksites to more specialized roles and trades that require advanced training. A career that offers a great variety of options to select from will generally retain workers and attract more people. 

In a 2015 Best Industry Ranking Report released by TINYpulse, where responses were gathered from 30,000 employees across 500 companies in 12 different industries, it was found that construction workers are the happiest. 

 Among factors that contributed to this are having enough tools to work, a safe work environment, prospects for professional growth, managers who cared about your well-being, and having supportive colleagues around you. 

Healthy Work Relationship

Working with a supportive manager alongside great colleagues plays a significant role in influencing the happiness of an employee and ultimately bringing out the best in terms of productivity in construction workers. 

The after-work rendezvous where workers gather to drink and talk off on a lot of things is another essential factor in the mix. A company that has a robust and transparent communication among its workers encourages better input from them. In fact, the report shows that these relaxation gatherings are even more fun when a manager joins in. 

Jarrad Whissell, the president of Canadianā€“based construction company, Whissell Contracting Ltd further explained that employees are encouraged to give a company its best when they understand that the company cares for them and isnā€™t just focused on squeezing out every dollarā€™s worth of work from them. 

Furthermore, keeping to promises, providing an amiable work environment, and treating construction workers as assets as against being replaceable widgets, will foster better work among employees.

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