New License Policy for Unverified Immigrants

Life will get a lot easier for several people in New Jersey, especially for immigrants who are yet to be verified by the federal government. 

What is the good news?

Before now, only New Jerseyans and immigrants verified by the federal government are the only set of people allowed to ply the NJ road.

 However, a bill was passed in December 2019, which now allow unverified immigrants, trans genders, homeless people, and ex-convicts to apply for a particular type of driving license that will enable them to ply the road without police hassles. Unfortunately, the bill could not be effected due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Beginning from the 1st of May, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will start accepting applications for driving license from the categories of people mentioned above. One good thing about this mouth-watering process is that 450,000 new people will be qualified to ply the road. 


What are the needed documents?

You need to present documents that will prove that your identity, place of residence, and birth date are accurate and correct. Also, you need to submit either your social society number (SSN) or individual taxpayer ID number, otherwise called ITIN. Alternatively, you can present a notarized affidavit in place of ITIN or SSN starting from the first day of June 2021. 

On submitting these documents, you are sure to pass the Motor Vehicle Commission’s six-point verification test. We advise that you do not submit fake or forged documents; you will surely get punished for that.

What tests will you undergo?

The applicants will write one or two tests to test their ability as regards road use. Also, the commission will engage their vision to see if they are fit to drive.

 Those who scale through this stage will have their driving supervised for 90days, after which they will proceed to have a road test.

On passing the road test, the successful applicants will get their license; however, it is a probationary one which is only valid for 12 months. The probationary license comes with some dos and don’ts, but it can be converted to a basic driver’s license after a period of one year.

How will I get started?

Due to the pandemic, you may not be able to visit the Vehicle Commission outrightly; you need to fill some forms and then fix an appointment. Please be reminded that both processes are to be done online.

Lastly, as New Jersey joins the other 14 states, we implore that you follow what has been said religiously. Also, you can visit to get more information.

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