Six Important Positions and Specialties Among Contractors

A contractor is a person employed by a company to oversee or complete a project. While this definition might be encompassing, it is essential to note that different contractors have different specialties and positions.

Usually, when a contractor is hired for a construction project, they, in turn, hire sub-contractors of various specialties to complete the project.

 These contractors occupy various positions with different roles and responsibilities. With that in mind, here is the list of positions and specialties among contractors:

  • Project Manager:

While this soA project manager is like a holding midfielder on a pitch. He makes sure that the project goes as planned right from the initial design to the project’s completion. The contractor ensures that the project is completed within the agreed time frame and budget.

• Foreman:

The contractor manages the workers and assigns tasks in a bid to achieve the desired goal. Also, he acts as the bridge between the supervisors and the employees.

  • Safety Manager

As the name implies, the individual ensures that the working environment is safe. The safety manager makes sure that the employees comply with the health and safety regulations, and, in some cases, the they inform the workers on how to live a healthy life.

  • Architect:

The educated and skilled individual brainstorm with the client to develop a building plan. The architect builds models to meet the federal and state quality requirements.

Being an architect requires a bachelor’s degree in architecture in schools approved by the necessary construction councils.

  • Structural Engineer

When it comes to the integrity and quality of structures, it is the function of the structural engineer to achieve this. The skilled individual maintains these structures as they age. 

A structural engineer is expected to have a degree in structural engineering from an accredited university.

  • Civil Engineer

A civil engineer is an all-encompassing individual; they combine the function of an architect, structural engineer and many others. The engineer comes up with the list and cost of materials required to complete a project.

In addition to their functions, they assess the short and long-term effect of environmental variables on buildings,

The list above is not exhaustive; some other positions and specialties on a construction site include safety engineer, mason, field engineer and others. 

Finally, the construction space is a broad and profitable field with various individuals working tirelessly to ensure fast, timely, and quality delivery of a project.


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