Staying Safe In the Summer Heat

Construction work is a physically demanding and risky job. Safety is important, especially in the summer season. Working outdoors in the elements during summer can become in dehydration and heatstroke.


•    High air temperatures combined with high levels of humidity.

•    Direct sun exposure.

•    Indoor radiant heat sources such as ovens.

•    Limited air movement.

•    Physical exertion.

•    Not drinking enough fluids.

•    Lack of recent exposure (acclimatization).

•    Advanced age for workers, generally over 65 years of age.


1. Hydrating.

2. Take regular breaks.

3. Limit your exposure to the sun by wearing light-colored, light-reflective clothing and use a hat for protect your head.

4. Use a high SPF sunscreen.

1. Hydrating before you feel thirsty is critically important. Aim to consume at least a cup of water every 15-20 minutes throughout the day.  As you sweat and lose water and electrolytes, this steady reservoir of hydration will keep your body in shape.

2. Take regular breaks in a shaded area. As you work, your muscles produce heat at a faster rate and raise your internal body temperature. When possible, during the hottest times of the month, work to reschedule physically strenuous work for the cooler times of the day, such as the early morning hours.

3. Limit your exposure to the sun by wearing light-colored, light-reflective clothing. Dark t-shirts and work shirts will absorb the sun’s heat and cause you to become hotter. Stick to lightly-colored cotton shirts to promote airflow and reflect heat.

Wear a hat and keep your head covered, especially any exposed skin on your head.

4. Use a high SPF sunscreen on skin that will remain exposed. Repeated, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause serious forms of skin cancer.  Sunscreen will reduce the risk of problems later.

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