The Immigrant Working Guide

Migrating from one country to another is normal; it is a human way of seeking greener pasture and a better life in general. 

It is no news that the United States has the highest number of immigrants globally, accounting for one-fifth of the total number of the world’s immigrants.

And they allow about a million immigrant worker into the country annually.

In recent years, immigrants have contributed a huge quota to the United States economy; needless to say, they are essential.  Without them, there will be no one to cater for the old, neither will there be Covid-19 front liners or farmworkers.

Despite their contributions, we’ve noticed that property owners and others have capitalized on Latino contractors’ naivety. Hence, they either underpay them or don’t pay them at all.

Resilience Force is an initiative charged with helping immigrants with online resources to make them productive while ensuring that they get paid fully for every project they execute. 

The association is saddled with taking the United States to the next level by preventing or rebuilding structures in case of disaster.

Examples include reconstructing homes, buildings, bridges, or offices after a disaster. Also, the initiative covers health workers, geriatric caregiver firefighters, and others.

We teach and provide you with resources on how to stay safe and during these difficult Covid-19 times, especially for contractors who come in contact with people.

From inception to date, we’ve trained several contractors via resources to uphold their rights and stay confident while executing their job. With that knowledge, no property owner can trick you or underpay you.

In cases where property owners fail to pay contractors, we ensure that you get paid by instigating a lawsuit or through proper financial negotiation. In summary, you will get the right wages under the right working condition.

Resilience Force is a team of high-spirited individuals who are committed to making life easy for immigrants. We’ve championed several policy changes that are of benefit to both immigrant and US-born contractors. And we hope to institute more positive changes as time goes on.

Immigrants are important; they play a huge role in helping a country actualize a prosperous economy. In return, they make a living out of it. However, most of them are a bit hindered due to some policies, but we are hopeful of overturning them for good in time to come.

Don’t forget that you are here to stay and add value!!!

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