The LGBT Pride Month

Do buildings discriminate against LGBT+? Then why do humans do? Gone are the days when lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans genders, and others are scared to reveal their identity and sexual preferences. 

In the United States, there are about 8 million LGBT+ in the workforce; apparently, they represent a significant chunk of nation builders. With this teeming population of the community in service, it is essential that their rights are upheld at every point in time.

We at Property Reputation rejoice with the LGBT+ community, most especially the contractors. We promise to keep supporting and advocating for all-inclusiveness and equality in the construction industry.

Pride month is a season of a new dawn where people interact and do business safely without fear of stigmatization. It is a period where we evaluate the progress made thus far regarding gender inclusiveness and encouragement of sexual diversity.

Though considerable successes have been achieved regarding the rights and inclusion of LGBT+, there are still cases where people are fired from construction companies due to their sexual orientation.

In fact, about 30 states in the US still uphold laws that empower the firing and witch-hunting of LGBT+ employees.

On the contrary, the supreme court in Boston established that a worker must not be sacked due to their sexual orientation. 

To support the ruling, the House of Representative approved a bill that protects the rights of LGBT+ employees, but the bill is awaiting Senate approval.

That said, construction companies are now massively recruiting LGBTs due to several talents inherent in the community. In fact, companies with zero discrimination are springing up; examples include Overland, Turner, Black & Veatch, and others.

How can construction companies reduce discrimination against the LGBT+?

  • Construction companies need to look beyond sexual orientation and employ workers based on their competence and capabilities. With this, more minority groups would infiltrate the workspace
  • Bosses, Managers, and CEOs should create an avenue where gays, bisexuals, and co can air their views.
  • Also, companies should be ready and open to discuss matters that are of interest to the LGBT community
  • Strict rules and punishment should be made against the use of homophobic languages 
  • The construction industries should examine and repeal policies and legislation that does safeguard and uphold their rights.

Effecting the suggestions above will bring about all-inclusiveness, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction rates.

Also, the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation has noticed that companies with policies that respect the rights of LGBTs make more profit as compared to those that do not. Coincidentally, their stocks did well in the market by a value of 6.5%. And this has been attributed to the high level of brainstorming and problem-solving skills inherent in diverse teams.

As we celebrate pride month, let us ponder and reflect on the progress thus far while hoping for a better environment with zero discrimination against the LGBT+ community.

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