Three Handy Tips on How to Avoid Nail Gun Injuries

Before now, hammers were used to drive nails into different surfaces, but it made work slower, thereby reducing productivity. In fact, to use a hammer, you need to expend a whole lot of energy. Therefore, nail guns had to come to the rescue.
Undisputedly, nail guns have made work easier for people, especially carpenters; however, the machine comes with its hazards. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA), accidents emanating from the use of nail guns are responsible for up to 37000 emergency cases in the hospital.
From findings, several things could cause nail gun injuries, some of which include lack of proper training, working hurriedly, etc. This article will concisely explain how you can avoid nail gun injuries.


  • Do not forget to put on your personal protective equipment

Sometimes, no matter how careful one may be, accidents may happen. Therefore, it is advisable that you leave no chances. With this in mind, you should put on your PPE always. You putting on a complete PPE will prevent nails from getting into your finger or toe. Also, don’t forget that the nail gun makes a hell of a noise, so wear your earmuffs.

  • Understand the nail gun trigger system:

It is crucial that you understand the way the nail gun trigger system works. For instance, some nail guns require that you pull the trigger and then push the contact safety tip into the material you are working on in a particular fashion before you can let the nails out. While for some, you don’t need to follow any order. 

However, we advise that you use a nail gun with a full sequential trigger, especially if you are using the machine for the first time. Meanwhile, the device requires that you pull the trigger and contact safety tip in a particular fashion before you can let out the nail. With this, accidental discharge of nails can’t happen, neither can you let out more than a nail for each trigger process

  • Undergo training

Reading safety manuals is not enough. You need to undergo training either at your workplace or the one organized by trusted professional bodies like OSHA. During the training, you would acquire hands-on tutelage on how to handle a nail gun and what to do if the machine malfunctions. With this, you are sure of evading the nail bomb. 

It is no news that no one is perfect; therefore, if your finger or toe picks up nails, it is important that you seek urgent medical attention.

Getting the job done is good, but staying hale and hearty is more important, so safety should be your watchword.

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