Three Safety Precautions for Adolescents Engaged in construction work

 During the summer, adolescents love to make a few bucks by engaging in various kinds of work, one of which is the construction job.

Safety, they say, is priceless and a treasure that must be longed for. No doubt, most adolescents are quite playful and full of exuberance. As a result of this, most of them are careless and insensitive to hazards in their place of work. Little wonder why, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reported that over 22 adolescents died in 2018 due to work-related accidents. While this is true, it is in no way to scare you; instead, it tells you to be more careful of your working environment and equipment.

Construction sites are quite funny; for instance, a machine or electric wire that was not on the site the previous day can just appear the next day. So, it would be best if you arm yourself with the necessary precautions at every point in time.Ā 

Here are some important precautions that would ensure your safety at work.

  • Wear your personal protective equipment (PPE) at every point in time

Wearing of PPE is the first precaution you must take. Things like a hard hat, goggles, safety footwear, gloves, and others make up a complete PPE.

Also, it is important that you wear these things properly. But if you canā€™t, ensure you ask your supervisor to put you through. 

Wearing your PPE properly during construction activities shields you from eye injuries, head injuries and other work hazards.

  • Attend safety seminars frequently:

No knowledge is lost; instead, you learn new things. When you regularly go for safety seminars, your superiors will give you clear instructions as to what your job entails. Also, they will point out to you places of high hazard that you should avoid.

During the course of the seminar, you would be taught how to handle various construction equipment perfectly. Mind you, at every point in time, never make assumptions, so ask questions frequently. The knowledge you acquire from these seminars will improve your consciousness and sensitivity to accidents.

  • Get familiar with your environment:

Depending on job inflow, you may need to move from one construction site to another. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the new environment ASAP. For instance, you should check if safety measures are in place should any unforeseen accident happen. Also, never should you operate machines that possess a high risk to your life. 

Lastly, to avoid the risk of falling, please do not join other adults to work on tall buildings.

Life has got no duplicate; therefore, you must take safety precautions whenever you engage in construction works.

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