Who is a master builder?

Historical master builders could be likened to modern-day architects. An architect does not have as much scope of design, civil engineering knowledge, and real construction experiences as possessed by a master builder; however, they function in similar capacities.

Their roles range from directing construction works to crafting designs and even participating in manual labor.

However, to ensure quality work is carried out during construction, the Master Builder or architect must have a good knowledge of how to combine a range of construction materials to achieve the desired results.

Being a good master builder also requires your effective human relationship skills. You will be working with various professionals, suppliers, and laborers; if your people management skills are lacking, then you are in for a difficult construction project.

Dos and Don’t of a good Master builder

As a master builder, you should get yourself involved in some things, and there are some things you should not do to get good results in your projects.

Bear in mind that your pool of experience and professionalism is part of the qualities your clients see in you as a “Master” in the field. You need to keep up with this reputation and don’t forget to exhibit good on-sight management.

In addition, you might need to ensure that the weight of the building is down by making the structure hollow. This can be done by using hollow concrete blocks, which are durable, affordable, environmentally friendly, and help conserve space.

On the other hand, avoid disputes with your builders. This can be done by ensuring your builders or sub-contractors are legally permitted and registered under the appropriate bodies.

Also, establish a firm budget and discuss with your sub-contractors based on quotes instead of estimates to ensure the terms and conditions of operation are well defined. Independent cost estimates also help to limit budget overrun.

Furthermore, do not be rude. When your customers ask you questions, do not be harsh. Be approachable, answer them as politely as possible and give them as many details as possible.

People do adequate research before committing their precious projects into a builder’s hands; therefore, you need to ensure you maintain good relationships with those you have previously worked with.

In conclusion, ensure you have a good reputation. Deliver quality services to your customers so that when other potential customers enquire from them about you, they will put in a good word for you.

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